Rehabilitative Services


Meet Jude

In 2009. shortly after he was born, baby Jude found a new home with his adoption parents. Unfortunately, Jude suffered a stroke in the womb and now has cerebral palsy, hemiparesis (muscle weakness on one side of his body), low vision, sensory processing disorder and much more.

The craniofacial center at Akron Children’s Hospital has reshaped his skull. Constant therapies have worked out that kink in his neck that the doctors call torticollis. He has spent more than 20 hours per week in the hands of expert MDs, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, neurologists, low vision specialists, etc., for a year and a half. Many adults don’t put in the “work week” that Jude does. And the boy whose prognosis of possessing “a potential for walking” 1 year ago? He walks now. He has ditched his gait trainer and his walker.

Teams paired with Jude:
  • Dublin Coffman
  • St Edward
  • St Francis DeSales
  • Villa Angela St Joseph