Rehabilitation Program


Meet Breanna

It started with multiple admissions to her local hospital from January through March and receiving IV antibiotics at home on numerous occasions. But what was thought to be an infection in Breanna’s eye socket never seemed to get better. She was unable to move her eye and there was swelling in the periorbital and orbital cavities. In April, Breanna was transferred over 100 miles south to Nationwide Children’s Hospital where she remained through May.

The team of specialists at Nationwide Children’s conducted multiple scans, performed a surgical biopsy, conducted research including reaching out to their network of other experts, and concluded that Breanna was suffering from an extremely rare condition – Crohn’s Disease induced Pseudotumor Myositis. The team devised a treatment plan that has allowed Breanna to return to being the active teenager she once was.

The Ophthalmology Department at Nationwide Children’s Hospital offers routine primary and secondary care and clinical testing for children with visual impairment. The department also conducts clinical and basic research. The diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities in our Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition Department are some of the most advanced in the world. From the child with rumination syndrome or gastroparesis to those with food allergies or constipation, we are blazing the trail to best possible outcomes for our patients. We are pioneering unique therapies and launching powerful new programs. We don’t do this to be first. We do it because a child who is ill deserves nothing less than the best.

“Nationwide Children’s are considered our HEROES! They have brought our daughter through one of the toughest times in her life while allowing her story to be shared so that others could learn more about the rare disease and treatment options that are available if they would have a patient present with the same issue in the future,” says Breanna’s mom, Angie.

Breanna has been able to return to living life to the fullest. She loves spending time with her parents, her brother and sister, and their dogs Cody and Brutus, who is a K9 police dog. Her ultimate love, which is volleyball, was compromised due to the recurrent admissions and treatments, but she has pushed through and is currently playing again.

Breanna is excited about cheering on the participants who pass through her mile at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon & ½ Marathon. In fact, she knows quite a few of them including staff at Nationwide Children’s and friends and neighbors from Clyde, Ohio.

Teams paired with Breanna:
  • Centerville
  • St Ignatius
  • Trinity