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    In 2016, 16 teams came together to compete and raise money for Nationwide Children's Hospital. In 2016, we exceeded our goal and donated over $5,000.
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    The Knights of Archbishop Alter made a difference by volunteering at their local Children's Hospital. Choose to do more.
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    Congratulations to our 2016 Spike for Tykes Gold Champions, Archbishop Moeller

Spike for Tykes is a yearly high school boys volleyball tournament benefiting Nationwide Children’s Hospital. We strive to produce a top notch volleyball tournament while also encouraging everyone to give back to an important cause. In our first year (2016), 16 of the best teams in Ohio met at Capital University in April and competed against each other while also raising over $5,000 for Nationwide Children's! In our second year, we hosted 24 teams in the Greater Columbus Convention Center and raised another $5,000 for Children's Hospital. In 2018 we have partnered with Hiram College to host the event in beuitful Hiram, OH.

What's new for 2018

In 2018 we are returning to the 16 team format that guarantees each team 3 matches in one of 2 tournament brackets (Gold, Silver). Each team will be paired up with a tyke, just like in previous years. We are also moving the event north this year to Hiram, OH.


Our 2017 Tykes

We do this because we care! And if you have ever had to make a trip to the hospital with your little ones, you understand exactly how important it is that we give back. Spike for Tykes isn't about just 4 tykes, it's about a culture of giving back and helping others. These 4 tykes are here to help embody the giving back. They all have special stories, but they are not the only ones. Every donation made on behalf of one of these 4 tykes helps ensure another tyke out there can have their own special story to tell. Let's all work together and help Nationwide Children's Hospital ensure they can continue to provide the best possible care to every tyke they care for. 2018 Tykes will be announced this month!

Heart Center
Meet Mason

What started with a fever ended with something unexpected. In 2011, Mason woke up with a low grade fever, a popsicle red tongue, and a sore throat.

Rehabilitation Program
Meet Breanna

It started with multiple admissions to her local hospital from January through March and receiving IV antibiotics at home on numerous occasions. But what was thought to be an infection in Breanna’s eye socket never seemed to get better.

Jackson 265x195
Meet Jackson

Four years ago, when Jackson was only 5, he was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a fatal neuromuscular disease,. Affecting mostly boys, the disease slowly destroys muscle fibers in every part of the body, including the heart.

Cancer Research
Meet Melanie

Throughout Melanie’s collection of photographs are pictures of a community of family and friends with smiles as big and radiant as hers. One picture is of a small smiling crowd huddled with Melanie around a cake smothered with blue frosting and the words “Fight Like a Girl” scripted on the top.

How you can help us?

Just select a tyke and click donate to make a donation

Our Sponsors

This event is only possible because of the support from our sponsors.


Ohio Valley Region

Tournament Sponsor

The Ohio Valley Region (OVR), Inc. is one of the largest regional associations of USA Volleyball. Our main purpose is to promote and establish quality volleyball through participation by both adults and juniors.


Sports Imports

Tournament Sponsor

Our passion is the same as our first day of business in the 1970’s. That’s when our founders, highly respected collegiate coaches, helped expand volleyball throughout North America with the first safe in ground net system without dangerous wires.



Tournament Sponsor

VolleyWriteTM proudly supports volleyball in general, and especially boys volleyball in Ohio. Affordable, easy to use software to help apply the rules and create clear, readable score sheets is our humble contribution to the sport we love.